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After 40 years of back trouble, pain free in a short time! This is possible … and at the same time I have finally learned to walk properly! I became aware of the book by Dr. med. Peter Greb, that is to release me from my suffering, at 68 years of age. And more than that: walking each step is an effortless, dance-like pleasure. I would never have dared to dream this. Elaborate and expensive treatment and training were able to ease my suffering, but it was the step-by-step explanations from Peter Greb about the sensitive, natural way of walking over the forefoot or the balls of the feet, in comparison to the ego-emphasised, organically wrong walk over the heels, that led to the breakthrough. Due to this, I understood what damage the heel-walk can do, with the permanently hard impacts sent onto the skeleton and the joints. Nevertheless: all of us – really all who I have since observed on the street practice this heel-walk, which is damaging the organism without any of them having a clue about it. Until it's too late. It is disastrous that the general public don't hardly take note of it, yet it proves how much we are caught in a rigid concept of how we “are supposed to walk”

The heel-walk interferes  not only with the natural, physical sequences in the skeleton and muscles. It also has consequences on the biochemistry of our organism. With the ball-gait my body posture and breathing improved, and on the other hand, as a result of this the supply of oxygen to the cells – the whole metabolism improved as well. Especially impressive is that the incorrect heel-walk leads to blood congestion in the feet, whereas walking over the forefoot and the balls of the feet, the venous pump in the calf muscle is activated, and this makes sure of an efficient blood circulation – with noticeable consequences! I used to suffer from chronic circulation problems. Now I almost always have warm hands and feet, in winter too. Furthermore: what no potion managed to achieve over decades became possible with the proper blood flow and good airing of the feet (by walking barefoot frequently): stubborn athlete's foot disappeared within a few weeks!

The observations of doctor Peter Greb are built upon simple premises, comprehensible to everyone. He shows how we can achieve lasting improvement in the area of health, mobility, vitality, mood, clarity of thought, and presence by a minimal change in our behaviour – in our way of walking. This doesn't cost any more than a few Euros for the book and a couple of days of consequent(!) training in natural ball-gait. The book shows how, instead of consuming expensive medical procedures, we can take our health “into our own hands” – more preferably here “into our own feet”. The book makes us truly responsible. Simply for this reason all people should read it. For primary school teachers and medical staff this topic should be obligatory.

Dr. phil. Frank Wartenweiler,, Review – „The True Walk“ by Peter Greb